The mission of the
Democratic Latino Caucus

The mission of the Democratic Latino Organization of Pennsylvania is to activate, engage, and support the political consciousness of the Latino community of Pennsylvania as well as to encourage the Latino community to utilize the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania as an advocate for their interests through, but not limited to, increased participation in all levels of government and party.
Our vision is a Commonwealth in which the Latino community in Pennsylvania is politically unified and empowered, their interests are properly understood and fairly represented in the Democratic Party, and Latino political participation is promoted at all levels of government.

Our Vision

We are Strong

We believe that every Pennsylvanian Latino Elected Officials and Members should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and core leadership skills to serve their community’s needs.
The Pennsylvania Latino Caucus is a statewide membership association made up of Latinos members as part of the larger statewide organization.
To assure that each representative is aware of the needs of Latinos, that Latinos are incorporated into the landscape of our legislators, so they are not taken for granted, remembered only in election years, but when each legislator thinks of ” my voters” the faces the legislator sees are Latino voters, due recognition & consultation.

Our Services

Register to Vote

Latino U.S. citizen adults who are unlikely to vote because they believe the political system does not work for them and their families, and that political promises are made and easily broken.

Numbers Alone Don’t Equate to Political Power or Support. Our community still needs to continue its political progress to ensure that the growth in participation reflects the growth in population of Latinos.


FOUR QUESTIONS to Ask Yourself Before Applying for U.S. Citizenship:

  • Am I 18 years of age or older?
  • Am I a person of “good moral character”?
  • Am I ready to take and pass the naturalization ?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are ready to apply for citizenship.
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Latinos need to Run for office!

Latina/o candidates continue to be underrepresented relative to their share of the population.

There are no Latino state senators in Pennsylvania, even though 8.1 percent of the state’s population is Hispanic. Latinos would have to win at least four Senate seats to ensure proportional representation. Pennsylvania has only four Latino state House representatives, we need at least 15 more house representative.

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